Civil Services Prelims: 96 Days to go…

I have started preparing for civil services examination only 15 days ago. I know it is a bit late to start, but as said, better late than never, I do not want to waste one more year in the preparations.

I returned to India in February 2015 with a plan for a start up in mind. But, have lived in USA for almost 4 years, I was disappointed with the conditions back in India. The foremost reason for me to choose to go for civil services. Enter the system to change it, because it is not only the corruption or political system which is hampering the standard of living and basic amenities of people around, but it’s the common man as well the culprit of this pity situation.

The most defining difference between developing countries and developed countries is awareness among citizens about their duties. What I mean by that could be better understood by an example of traffic in India. I know everyone is in hurry, but so is in USA as well, but you will never see a vehicle cutting a lane, standing on a half lane, crossing the white line at the signals, standing on a zebra crossing, pedestrians crossing without proper signal and police taking bribes to let go the offenders of traffic laws. What I observe here is exactly opposite and sometimes, traffic police are only standing there chitchatting on cellphones or with other policemen or killing time with roadside vendors. If you ask them why they are not doing their duty properly, they ask for your licence and other papers of vehicle, etc (Though their attempt has failed every time, because I am always up to date with those docs) and, if you ask fellow drivers, they will abuse you or simply ignore you and drive away even on the red light. Guys, please, before pointing your fingers towards the system, get aware of your duties first, follow the rules, else you have no right to blame the leaders as well.
And, this is only one scenario.

Thus, the situations like this add to the frustration of people like us, who want to see the life in India better than what we had in USA or Australia (another short stay outside India).Government at their level of policy designing is doing good, be it current or any previous governments, but the problem lies at the level of execution and that led me to decide on preparation for civil services, where I could have some power to bring the change to the society.

SO, coming to the main point,

There are only 96 days to go for prelims.
I have been preparing for last 15 days, so the total time for preparation will be 111 days exactly. (That’s a Nelson 😀 )
The main hurdle for me is CSAT is only of qualifying nature and its marks won’t be considered for qualification for mains. So, it is GS only.
With no preparation at all, I  attempted a mock test of full syllabus. To check where I stand, and I did pretty bad there. Out of 100 questions, I managed to attempt 82 with some memories from school time and some random guesswork, only 35 of those were right. So, overall score, 38.67/ 200.
This is basically to tell myself the level of preparation I need to attain and what should be the target.
To be on the safer side, I need to at least double the number of correct attempts, i.e. 70.

So, I have laid down a plan for next 12 days for covering Indian Polity (Laxmikanth) and Indian Economy (Ramesh Singh) along with the crash course lectures of VisionIAS (Delhi).

Fingers crossed!